FT Law, P.S.

is a criminal defense and civil litigation firm founded in 2011 by William Ferrell and Christopher Taylor, and is located in Olympia, Washington. The firm’s lawyers have provided peerless representation for clients engaged in litigation with a variety of government and private entities for over a decade. Whether

  • Charged with a crime, as an adult or juvenile,
  • Accused of DUI,
  • In danger of losing your professional license,
  • Struggling to obtain public records,
  • Frustrated by consumer rights violations,
  • Trying to protect your civil rights,

the lawyers at FT Law, P.S. have the skills, experience and reputation to achieve the results you seek. Be sure to ask about our free initial consultation and military discounts when you call us at (360) 352-8004 or email us at admin@ftlawps.com.